Another Ex Gamestop Employee Tale Of Termination Part Two

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Business Management compounded by quotas of Powerup memberships sold, insurance plans, pre-sale orders and more, a Gamestop manager is expected to keep a lot of balls in the air. I don’t want to sound old, I’m not, but there was a time when if you sold something extra to a customer (that’s called a commission) you were compensated for your effort. At Gamestop, you get written up and fired if you don’t meet a quota. I look back and laugh now. What’s even more funny is I was glad to sell Powerups and insurance to customers because I believed in what they could do for a customer. Like I said, the company threw away an asset. I came to Gamestop with management and sales skills. All I need was operations training. Training… NON existent at Gamestop. Maybe if you are hired in a dead season but even then, X number of hours are given to a store and the hours you are on the clock are not assigned for training.

Men's Cotton Armored Samurai Short Sleeve Tops TeesIn this case, if the store manager is investing time in training me for another store, he isn’t able to ensure his own stores needs are met. His bonus is upwards of $5,000 at year end and training me or anyone at the wrong time isn’t just a burden, it could mean his income. To others, their jobs. For this guy, it meant coming to quick conclusions that were not spot on and many times wide of the mark. Corporate only grants X number of hours weekly and if I’m on the clock, despite my need to train, I’m better utilized getting daily tasks completed. In short, Gamestop doesn’t train properly or effectively.

I finally stopped my District Manager Bryan and confronted him about this problem. He answered, “It’s on the job training.”

Was I mad about this? Nope. In business, you survive, thrive or die. I just had to accept how it all worked at Gamestop. From training (if I can call it that) in the training store to back at my my mall store I was constantly warned of how much pressure managers sustain. I didn’t see it as pressure unless you let it get to you. Do your job well, and the pieces fall into place. I would learn it’s not that simple. Customer theft and internal stealing alone would drive a manager insane. I mean it.

It’s worth nothing now, my first week on the job a new game was released and 25 copies of it vanished from the back of store. In an employee area. I was off that day so it felt good to know I was not a going concern. This mystery would only be solved after I was fired. Wait until you find out who it was. In what I now see as typical Gamestop behavior, only after that theft were cameras installed in the store.

Concluding me week of training away and about to return to my mall location a fellow manager in training asked me to be nice to her younger sister about to be hired at my mall location. Turned out her younger sister is a lesbian. Another tidbit of information I kept ‘to-myself’ despite her claim it was no secret. I note this because it has meaning later in this story. For frame of reference, her name will be Pat. Pat is somewhat plain and mousy. I felt it important not to cross Pat because she had a sister in the company and you just never know what people are willing to say if they are cross at you, even if it’s a temporary anger. You know; something said in haste.

Along the way I made friends. I thought I made friends of everyone. Even one employee whom I told my district manager showed the most disdain for my being hired became someone decent and informative towards me. He showed me math tricks in calculating numbers important to the daily books and warned me of pitfalls in routines.

Then it happened. My first mistake. I call it a mistake because I don’t know what else to call it.

About a month into the job a customer comes in whom I think is a great fit for holiday help. She knows every game made on the Playstation 2 console. “We could use a good Game Advisor for Playstation 2 games I thought.”

The not so obvious concern was she was curvy, with a big bosom. I mean very large breasts an youthful waistline. To top it off, she wore clothes to accent her curves. I’m not an idiot. She was clearly a girl that would draw attention. I thought no more of it after telling her she should apply to work the holiday season. The day she started was a surprise as she came up to me thanking me for recommending she look into the job.

A week later was the Call of Duty release. The mall was open after hours for the event and a line of a 1000 customers lined the inside of the mall. I was off work, on a date. We strolled by and I found that the district manager and regional manager had put her up to holding up a sign just below her breasts walking along the lines shilling our game disc warranty. Oh… and by the way, I had just that day had the sign made to hang over the doors. I paid to have it made out-of-pocket to myself. Watching her walking along the crowd, I thought, “If this isn’t obvious sexploitation, what is?”

Next day I’m getting hounded by my co-workers to help them get a date with the new girl. I repeat like a drone, “Isn’t dating a non-manager a fireable offense?” The answer was, “What they don’t know won’t hurt them.” I’m quizzed and begged by multiple assistant managers to help them out.

I don’t see her at work for a week. Then one of my days off she and I pass in the mall. We talk a couple minutes about her getting hired and the fact the company uses employees willfully. This subject came up due to her carrying the sign around for the Call of Duty release. I voiced my own issue when they learned I did Batman appearances for kids with an authentic Batsuit. Real leather, carbon fiber and kevlar. I was asked to wear the suit for the Batman Arkham City release. Not wanting to offend my own management with an awkward decline, I said yes to the request. Look, I don’t mind doing things for kids and having fun. But this wasn’t something I was happy about because I was hired to be a manager and I didn’t want to screw up the level of respect that I needed to earn. Back to my conversation with the girl…

She asked to see the suit and I had one in my phone. I scrolled to it past family photos, and sport photos… one was me playing paintball with no shirt on. This was no more than in passing but she caught sight of it. Neither of us mentioned it. I thought nothing of it. You can guess where this is going.

The conversation isn’t much longer. Laughing at the sillyness of Gamestop and the attention she was getting, I said to her matter-of-factly. “You know so-and-so wants me to be his wing man and get him a date with you.” She answers, “I don’t have a boyfriend but tell him I have one.” A lighthearted laugh later, the conversation ends and we continue in our separate directions.

A week later.

I’m sensing more and more who has a problem with me being hired as a Store Manager in training. I confide in my District Manager and Human Resources. They say nothing of it.

A few days later.

A male employee forwards a complaint on behalf of the new girl that I showed her a photo of myself with my shirt off. What’s more, she implies that I wanted to go out with her on a date. Moreover she felt uncomfortable of my ‘advances’. I was pissed.

I deny every ounce of what was accused of me. I sat with my district manager on a bench outside our store and said to him, “I have two kids, why would I risk my job or in such an obvious way?” I should have known I was wasting my time because this DM is the same inept and lucky to have his position DM that can’t use a cash register. I learned he managed a shoe store prior. That explained a lot but didn’t help my situation. He was/is the typical dress to impress but no substance between the ears.

I’m not taking stabs at this guy. This is really what I was working with. He would come into the store and complain of how the store was run to the manager after the manager made the changes instructed of him. I was told stories that all the managers in the district made fun of this District Manager because he didn’t know how to run the cash register. He couldn’t RUN A SALE IF HE WANTED TO. And this I learned was true. Bryan would would wear gold chains and loose gawdy bracelts with starched shirts ten years out of style. He could NEVER look you in the eye as if he had some sort of people skills problem.

I say this because it’s telling of why Gamestop is what it is. It’s made up of people that have people skills issues mostly stemming from the gamer type mentality. This is a generalization I know, but in general …it’s accurate.

In my time at Gamestop, customers flat out loved me. Loved my attention to actual customer service and ability to hold a conversation. Both on games, and outside of gaming.

Well, in the end I was “written up” and considered guilty of the accusation. I remained pissed. Here I had a conversation with someone OFF THE CLOCK which was innocent of any bad intentions, nor should it have been interpreted as such. What was her motivation for screwing me like this? What had I done to her? Had I somehow involuntarily done all she accused me of and I refuse to accept realty? I was almost convinced I was the bad guy then…

Three days later the rumor mill began to flow. And this in itself taught me a vital truth about Gamestop. Every employee talks behind your back about the smallest of concerns in an effort to raise their own self worth.

Well, I learned the truth. Two other employees had actually done what I was accused of. One male employee, a Latino (very upset I was hired above him) about 20 years old and the assistant manager that asked me to be his wing-man had both gone into company files and got her phone number and began contacting her. They texted her. The Latino guy had a girlfriend too. Go figure. But it didn’t stop him from texting the new girl a photo of himself with his shirt off. In short he sent her a Facebook style narcissistic flex pose. From what I had come to learn, I was thrown in to the mix of this mess after they got caught messing with this girl. She had entertained dialogue with these guys up to a point, revealing our chance meeting in the mall. She relayed to them I had a picture of myself with my shirt off that she had seen while I was swiping through photos in my phone’s photo album. Needless to say, I decided after this incident to delete all photos from my phone of me at the beach with my kids etc… Heaven forbid my phone for any reason is comprimised while at work. Since Gamestop just started selling tablets, I bought one to show my company allegiance and was sure to leave all personal photos off it. I was careful at work to the point of hardly making and conversation with females.

As for the two guys that violated company records and policies… From what I was told the Latino boy was written and the assistant manager whom asked me to wing-man for him was verbally warned.

I thought to myself, “What a kick in the teeth. Nobody was fired for this?” I thought for sure the Latino guy would be, but even his girlfriend never caught wind of it. I took a jaded ‘whatever’ position after this ordeal. I refused to speak to the girl I helped get the job and eagerly waited for the Christmas season to be over so she would be let go and I didn’t have to see her face again. Over the next two months when I would buy drinks for everyone on staff (juices, sodas, waters) I was sure to offer her the same courtesy. I also would bring in bags of candies during breaks etc… and she was never treated as if I held a grudge. But I sure as hell did. She’d make countless mistakes even taking in a bogus $50.00 bill one day and she never ever caught a warning, written or verbal. Once and only once did I speak to my own store manager about her hire. I asked him why and he flat out openly told me, “Look at her! Eye candy, she’ll bring it in.” I was okay with his answer as he is a married man and myself being smart enough to know the truth respect him for not trying to BS me. In business sex sells, I get that. I wasn’t about to condemn him for trying to improve business with the tactic. But the reality is, no on in the store thought of her as any more than a bimbo. I recall in the first few days of her being employed I suggested to her that she needed to prove herself here and anywhere she goes by working hard. Once the incident took place, I looked at her as a cheap fool myself. But one that has no sense of decency and could be lethal if any mistakes where made around her. I also felt a bit of resentment for Gamestop’s mid-level management for their hypocrisy They’d use her breasts to upsell the Call of Duty release while not protecting me when I was falsely accused by a kid. I thought, “They would rather protect this kid than a seasoned manager like myself?” It bothered me every time I thought of it. I can’t help but wonder if I should have been a total dick and reported everyone, every time anyone stepped out of line. It’s just not my way. I’d rather report someone when I know they are up to no good.

So that you don’t assume I’m a total dumb ass, it was at this time I concluded that despite my love for the Gamestop product, I needed to look for another job. I told myself I had to work as hard as I could and hope what happened here was an anomaly while putting myself out there and finding something without the risk. Sadly I was right and I didn’t find new work before being fired. If you think you know why, don’t assume. What I’ve laid out has meaning but what I was fired for will make you want to punch a wall.

I’ll save part three if there are requests for me to wrap this up. The reality is I don’t think about this much anymore. I refuse to ever buy anything in a Gamestop again on principal. I really enjoyed the job, I liked it and was good at it. But what happened to me was wrong. Even after I was fired they denied me unemployment. I didn’t make a stink over it. Again I moved on. But to buy anything from a company that treated me so foul goes against my principals. The game manufactures of the world hate Gamestop and for a reason. I don’t care about their reason still, but I do hope their plans to put Gamestop out of business with downloadable content and other after the disc’s initial sale features do in fact kill Gamestop. The day Gamestop is out of business, I’ll smile a little smile.

Again, request part three and I’ll give you some Gamestop tidbits you’ll profit from.

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sendingGA 20 months ago

I’m just coming across this. Idk of you poster the end or not, but I’d like to read it.

I was a seasonal GA kept on for the year and I eventually got fired. I did nothing wrong except miss a single day out of the almost year and a half that I worked there. They proceeded to not give me hours for 8 weeks and then fire me without warning. It makes the company look really bad and I’m considering complaining to corporate. Glad to know I’m not alone

Mike 3 years ago

^ Oh, nononono.

This could not have just as easily happened at any other place of employment. There are standards at other places of employment, and that standard is don’t have a 25 year old managing a team of 18 year olds, and don’t create such a soul sucking work environment that they all feel negatively about their jobs.

GameStop is a rare mix of an inherently socially awkward crowd, poor company policy, awful pay, and very few people over the age of 30 working there.

I will have to say you are likely the exception. I could not possibly imagine you having a positive experience for 15 years unless you lived somewhere very remote, with low pressure from your District Manager.

Everything in this article rings true of every GameStop in Silicon Valley and Southern California. I got to see it first hand. When I was thrown out of GameStop I became a merchandiser for a while. I got to see how universal the GameStop experience was across about 15 different stores spanning 70 miles.

star2232 3 years ago

I have been an SM for 15 years at Gamestop, and I worked several other jobs before this one. I feel bad for the problems that you had while working at GS, but bad management is everywhere you go. This could have just as easily happened at any place of employment. I must say I am curious as to what the final straw was.

Ex.sga 3 years ago

Your story is helping me understand gamestops true face and nature i got let go after only being exemplary for 2 years and 2 days before my 24 b-day they fire me for a lie that i didn’t even tell i was somewhere with someone and the traded but because i was there because i was being friendly with a store i didn’t work at i was accused of so much and with out so much as a write up i was let go and then wasn’t even paid for the last week i worked there

Osmanny Morales 4 years ago from Miami, Florida

As a seasonal GA I would love to read the rest of this article.

SGA 4 years ago

While I completely sympathize with your experience I can’t help but feel that some of your generalizations are unfair. I’ve been working with the company since the end of 2011, when I was hired as a holiday GA. After a few months I was promoted to SGA, and now a year after that I’m up for a promotion again to ASM. I believe that my moving up in the company is due to my consistently high performance numbers, my good work ethic, and my prior managerial and customer service experiences. My SM, whom I have a great respect for, has always been helpful and courteous to me as an employee.

I agree with you that your situation was unnecessarily brought on by inappropriate employees and childish behaviors but it isn’t right to assume all GameStop Associates are the same. It seems to me that all the problems were exasperated by poor management (of course, I’m not implying your own management skills). If only they had allowed you to take control of the situation and remove the associates causing the disruptive behavior I feel your story would have had an entirely different (and hopefully happy) ending.

I do agree with you that GameStop as a whole has many issues, mostly concerning their overly corporate mentality. Instead of listening to and trusting their managers, they repeatedly micromanage and demand perfection. My fellow store employees and myself work our butts off to do all the tasks that are required of us while trying to fit in top customer service. Yet somehow it’s never enough. When we don’t meet our sales goals our hours get cut. Not only is it stressful to try to squeeze in our daily tasks in between transactions but it’s also extremely disheartening. I take pride in my work, and it aggravates me when I’m forced to rush through a transaction because I’m all alone on a busy Saturday afternoon with an increasingly long line. Yet they fail to realize they’re not only hurting us, they’re also hurting the customers who deserve to have their questions answered and just to be treated like a person instead of being berated with endless plugs for pre-sales and add-ons. Therefore by hurting their employees and customers they are ultimately hurting themselves. They’ve set everyone up for failure and it’s only because of the hard working employees that they still have a company.

New ASM 4 years ago

I literally got promoted to ASM yesterday. Yet, your story is making me hate gs more and more after every line. Where is part 3? I’m dying to read the end.

Mr.GoNe 4 years ago

hmm.. this story is becoming more and more interesting as i start my training for store manager in a few days please do continue.

David Livermore 5 years ago from Bakersfield, California, United States

I haven’t been to a Gamestop in a long time, very little reason to when you can buy games online and have them shipped directly to your door step. I see they will pull out all the stops to get sales…

BML 5 years ago

Yes I would like to hear the rest of your story. Being an ex-gamestop employee myself, your story is a bit similar with my time with that sorry excuse of a company

Thatguy 5 years ago

I’m a GA right now and have been there 8 months, hired as a seasonal and kept for the year. I can’t help but both agree and be genuinely interested in your story, not only because your a great writer haha but because your opinion doesn’t differ from mine in any way. I have no prior experience than Gamestop, just a high school grad, so our positions differ greatly but it’s funny that we agree the company is fear-driven and negatively reinforced. Full of deceiving and even ass-kissing coworkers who think they can do the job better than you. I honestly need to know how your story ends. The moment I can find a better job, I will leave this slave-like company for better endeavors. Like you lol

Yeah, I’ve already learned about the trust thing the hard way. Nothing became of it but I learned my lesson. One of my fellow GAs has a big mouth and he bad talked our manager, I never said anything but he eventually blabbed to the wrong person. He didn’t get fired or anything, just drama has been building up.

I cannot stress enough that no matter how much you think you can trust someone, no matter the bond of friendship, do not trust a fellow gamestop employee. Two reasons, one AGE, maturity seems absent in anyone under 30 and even then, it’s in question. The second is that every employee is emboldened to become a Store Manager and ultimately anything that can be portrayed as a weakness or mistake will be exploited by way of calls to the company 800 tip line or private contact with District Managers etc… I’ll finish the story but again. It’s NOT the ending you think it will be.

GA 5 years ago

I definitely want to hear the end of this story, I was hired as a GA at the beginning of April.. thankfully my store’s employees are all decent people and have helped me whenever I have needed help. Our DM scares me though..

AuthorAnotherAmerican 5 years ago

You do realize you also called me a sexist pig as I worked there. 😉 Meanwhile the way I see it, the sexism card gets played both ways in the workplace. Men can be victims too. I will finish the article.

female gamer 5 years ago

Please do finish. It will give me more of a reason to hate gamestop. They are all sexist pigs.


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