Batman Is The Ultimate Brooding Hero

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He has a tragic past. He mostly likes to be alone. He doesn’s speak much and prefers his actions to do all the talking. He typically hunts villains at night. His colour of choice is black. Yes. The colour black is what defines Batman. Especially in the modern incarnation of this superhero he becoming more and more ominous. For instance in the 2016 film Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice, our Caped Crusader even has no qualms about taking lives. This is the darkest side of both Batman and Bruce Wayne we e seen in years. Coming back to the point, we can’s imagine Batman without the colour black. But did you know when Bob Kane, the co-creator of Batman, had a very different idea for his character? Kane initial sketches shows a hero wearing bright red leotard with black pants, a plain looking black eye-mask and blonde hair! It was his partner Bill Finger who changed the costume design and, it seems, even Batman origin story.

Tees that speak

If you are a hardcore fan of the Dark Knight then you must already have known this interesting fact. For those who didn’s, you’e welcome. But whether you’e a newbie to the world of Gotham and Arkham or a seasoned Batman fan, there no better way to express your dedication that with Batman t shirts.

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