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How I discovered A Bug On My Head. And Why I’m Completely happy About It

I had lice over the summer time and that i had a whole bunch, since I didn’t know till one fell in my cereal. My mother and father took care of it and that i did not have lice for about 2 or three months till I bought lice again. This was a couple of weeks ago however not too long ago. I took care of that drawback by myself. About 2 days ago I put a lice killing equipment on my head and that i began to brown chestnut hair color brush my hair lots. I didn’t find any reside lice in my hair till immediately. I found a small reside louse in my hair I killed it and I found about 4 nits. I combed my hair many instances and didn’t find something. Just a few moments in the past I found a recently hatched nit in the same spot where I discovered the live louse. I killed it and now I am kinda scared since I have faculty tomorrow and I believe my brown chestnut hair color pal has lice since she retains scratching her head on the sides , however I’m afraid to ask her if she really does. Now I’m going to stay away from her and keep my hair up and safe. Since I discovered nits and a reside lice in my hair how do I get rid of them for positive without another treatment And how do I stop myself from getting lice again

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