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Hope I can hold for a month or two..with no wash!
I lastly decided to get yarn braids yesterday as my fashion for this x’mas season as a substitute of the weave I had been considering. I didn’t need to do this style because just a few people I knew who had executed it before principally claimed it to be a really painful braiding expertise. Considering the sleepless night time I had and the throbbing ache I still really feel on my scalp, I must agree with them. This is a mode for the daring unless you depart it free as individual braids without bunning it. I did somewhat research on how to take care of it together with my hair and that i came up with the same solutions. Avoid getting it wet!! Hmmmmmmmmmmm………..I might keep this in for 2 months if my scalp can take it. I’m on the hunt for a dry shampoo simply in case my scalp will get too dirty and itchy. Under is an excerpt of an article I discovered about wool or yarn hair:

Benefits Of Wool Hair
In case you are questioning why wool or yarn may be used to make extensions, the solutions are assorted. One apparent motive is that yarn and/or wool is normally inexpensive to use than human or synthetic hair.
Wool and yarn are both a lot lighter than hair and the difference in weight is an element for some folks. If you give it some thought, the original Rag dolls had been made with yarn for his or her hair. In fact sheep put on wool as a substitute of hair.
Since wool or yarn is usually attached via pinch braiding, merging the wool and yarn with pure hair into braids, as dreads or wrapped around existing strands, no glues, waxes or chemicals or used. It is also considered simpler to increase hair with dreads, braids or wraps.
Depending on if you are a Goth fan, you might or may not put on your wool and/or yarn extensions to a significant Goth festival or clubbing. Some individuals who love dreads and haven’t got time to develop their very curling straight hair with a curling iron own long dreads, will use wool for “prompt” dreads.
Some individuals will use wool extensions to fill in for real dreadlocks or as non permanent dreads. Since yarn and wool will be braided, wrapped or as fill in “hair” it can be very handy.

Wool Hair Is Lighter
Wool hair is often really helpful for individuals with very fine hair that is not appropriate for actual hair. Any sort of health issues resembling chronic complications, scalp or pores and skin circumstances which can be problematic attributable to the weight of extensions hair would warrant wool.
There are gentle wool strands that may be mixed together with your natural hair to create dreads Many individuals will use a number of colors for a dramatic look.
Gentle wool dreads can be bought in brilliant colors, customary colors, two-tone and even three-tone shades. Some supplies supply as much as 4 totally different colors. Principally there are usually not limits to what will be carried out with the wool dreads.
There are different wool hair installation methods. If you’re merging the wool with your individual hair a quite common technique is the pinch-braid methodology.
Some people desire pinch-braid as a result of this eliminates the necessity for chemicals, glues or particular therapies. With the pinch braid technique, your personal hair is normally braided down one facet of the wool strand so you have an intermingled braided impact. The precise wool strands are attached right at your root.
Relying on the size of your hair and how much wool is added, the set up time can take approximately three 1/2 to four 1/2 hours. Keep in thoughts that every person is completely different and thus the instances will differ.

Disadvantages Of Wool Hair
When using wool or yarn it is important to purchase the best product. This is true if you happen to choose to purchase hair. The precise hair makes all the difference. That is true of yarn and wool. Some wool will shrink when it will get wet or is washed.
This will not sound like a concern unless you might be sporting the wool on the time and it shrinks into your hair, causing it to grow to be troublesome to remove.
Wool fibers can break off and tangle round your actual hair which implies that in excessive circumstances you may have to chop the tangle hair out to take away the wool. Or be content with permanent wool infused dreadlocks. You should examine the wool attachments on a weekly basis.
Wool additionally may develop an intense aroma with it gets wet. Some individuals would describe wet wool as having a pungent odor.

Upkeep And Care

Most specialists that work with wool hair state that the wool can final for a number of weeks, if not months, with proper care. Which means that at some point during that extended interval you will need to wash your scalp. You will need to avoid getting the wool wet as much as potential.
Wool, which is very mild when it’s dry, will get very heavy when it gets wet. In case you want to put on wool intermingled together with your hair which will require that you just shampoo regularly, consider the next well-liked wool washing choices:
1. Wrap as much of the wool in plastic wrap or plastic luggage and segregate from the rest of the hair earlier than washing. This will keep the wool a part of your hair dry.
2. Use only dry shampoo formulas like cornstarch or cornmeal and focus the dry shampoo Only on the scalp or your pure hair.
3. Have someone allow you to shampoo and apply a really small amount of diluted shampoo to your scalp after which rinse rigorously to avoid getting the wool wet.
To help the wool hair extensions to final so long as potential, consultants suggest regular upkeep visits that will maximize the life-span of the extensions. During upkeep visits the rows that have loosened due to hair growth or different normal conditions, will probably be re-tightened.
Many wool hair wearers have completely different opinions about whether or not to utterly abstain from washing or not. You will have to find your individual acceptable care strategies.

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