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Why digital transfers?

Women's Sacred Space 2 Print Long Sleeve T-ShirtPermitting brilliant, vibrant, full-color photos and logos of any dimension, digital transfers are our hottest print strategies for situations where a excessive-impression design is required. With no minimums, high resolution prints and the flexibility to adhere to practically any fabric from spandex “budgie smugglers” to waterpoof rainwear, digital transfers proudly declare the title of Mabuzi’s most versatile print method.



Stunning excessive decision prints might be achieved with this print technique.

Digital transfers might not be splendid for single color designs, where a vinyl transfer could also be ultimate.

Photographic artwork is reproduced perfectly with this print method.

As transfers are printed utilizing custom women’s shirts course of CMYK, exact color custom women’s shirts matching is just not doable.

Transfers are printed onto a white backing before being reduce, enabling glorious colour vibrancy.

Because of the print & minimize process, transfers can’t be reduce precisely to the sting of tough or “grungy” outlines, or designs that fade out into transparency.

Some artwork might not be suitable for this print technique, as it’s closely dependent upon the quality of the original artwork.

Transfers can be turned round exceptionally rapidly for small orders.

Transfers usually are not as cost-efficient for giant orders because the print process is more labour-intensive than screen printing and other automated processes.

Repeat orders incur no set-up fees.

Mabuzi inventory and BYO garments are each welcome for this print method.

This print method might be applied to specialty merchandise in distinctive positions that other print methods can’t.

Digital t-shirt transfers are ideal for:

• Promotional wear

As a result of their fast turnaround and implausible excessive-resolution finish and vibrancy, digital transfers are our hottest alternative for promotional campaigns. We’ve printed for Vegemite, Telstra, Trading Submit, Disney, Mentos, Helga’s, Nando’s, Volkswagen, Renault & more.

• Uniforms

For smaller companies with full-color logos, you can’t go previous a digital switch. The place embroidery & screenprinting aren’t possible (or value efficient) on your chosen utility or order quantity, digital transfers are the right substitute! With the added choice of printing small runs of 1+ models as you require them, Mabuzi has created uniforms for big and small business alike. Keep a watch out for our work over at Visions in Type, Hana Landscapes, Lochbuild & extra.

• Custom one-off T-shirts

With the ability to recreate photographic photos in high-resolution (and with no minimal orders) digital transfers stay a preferred alternative for our regular stream of local artisans and their one-off T-shirt designs. Check out our T-Shirt Lab& get creating at this time!

Garments for digital transfers:

Mabuzi provide printing onto a large range of objects for various budgets, which could be found in our on-line catalogue. All gadgets with “digital transfer” listed as an possibility within the decoration area can be found for this print method.

Mabuzi additionally welcomes BYO garments for all transfer print methods!

How it really works:

1) Our manufacturing crew rigorously work in your artwork, manually adding a vector cutline to your artwork in order that it may be read as the CAD plot line by our Roland VersaCamm broad-format cutter/printer.

2) Your artwork is printed out in high-resolution, precisely scored by our pc minimize file and then weeded (by hand) by our manufacturing staff.

The term “weeding” refers to the technique of removing the unfavourable space out of your artwork by peeling away the transfer that is not required, such because the insides of letters.

3) Once the transfer has been printed, minimize and weeded, it is then applied with an industrial heat press to completely affix the transfer to your garment.

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