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The Good Lice Lady

So your cousin has extensions head lice. Do you have to let her come for a go to You find out that three children in your kid’s classroom are totally infested. Should you retain your youngster dwelling or should you increase a stink with the principal The mother of your son’s finest good friend simply known as – her kid has head lice. Do you keep the boys apart

When somebody with lice is coming for a go to, don’t isolate your self – simply take some easy precautions. For those who or your kids have long hair, pull the hair up in a ponytail. If the customer has long hair, ask him/her to drag it up (this is less complicated to do when your visitors are kids). Deal with the issue along with your guest at the start of the visit. If your guest is staying over, give him/her recent bedding and wash and dry the bedding in excessive heat each day. Put towels over the tops or arms of the couches – anywhere where somebody might lay their head. Put your brushes and combs away. Make sure no one shares hats or hair equipment. Set some ground guidelines about contact – no hugging when possible (However hey, if my good friend was actually upset, she may want easy ways to do girls hair a hug, and I would give her one, head lice or no head lice.) After which do common head lice checks on yourself and members of your household.

Almost about the lice in your kid’s classroom, discuss to the other parents, or discuss to the teacher to guantee that everyone seems to be aware of the issue. Supply info and help. And by all means, give them my quantity!

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