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Rising Claws Wolverine T-Shirt

Women's Mr. Cat Desgin Long Sleeve T-ShirtHe may not be probably the most traditional samurai, but Wolverine does emulate a number of of the qualities that these legendary warriors favored. This Rising Claws Wolverine T-Shirt blends the mutants iconic weapons with the flag from the Land of the Rising Solar. Just like the Japanese flag, the shirt is white with a central pink circle at its center. Set over the crimson circle is Wolverines fist together with his claws extended, whereas a football championship shirt designs glint of gentle displays off the middle claw. The shirt itself is made from high quality cotton. Each snug and casual, this Rising Claws Wolverine T-Shirt has just the best combination of overt and delicate enchantment to make it a Marvel X-Men tee for practically any occasion!