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Homemade Pure Hair Gel

My hair has all the time given me complications!
At my final job – as an elementary counselor – I as soon as had a pupil walk by, look at me, and whisper to a buddy:

“Wait, is as we speak loopy hair day ”
My Hair History

My hair might be nice at times, however traditionally, it’s been mostly embarrassing.
It appears my entire life has been full of hair woes. Frizzy hair, styling merchandise, tears about my latest hair disasters, and lots of hats to cover all of it up.

Here’s my hair at three years outdated.
See I’ve had hair woes my total life!

If it wasn’t for the brazen confidence of a three yr old, I’d say I was only smiling in regards to the sucker.

Here’s my hair when I was 9.
I begged my mother for a perm – in my bangs only. Boy, did that one backfire.

When I was 18 I longed for sleek, blonde hair. One thing that may turn heads and make people say:
“My, how your hair is like golden flax!”

It turned heads alright. It was like a vivid mild folks couldn’t stop staring at.
I had threatened to give myself a buzz cut since center college.

At 21 I adopted by way of on that menace with this brief, spiky ‘do that nearly made my mom cry.

The spike was a result of sheer hair frustration.
A late evening left alone with some sharp scissors, and constant peer pressure from a faculty roommate to place my scissors where my mouth was. My motto during the school years…”You can by no means put on an excessive amount of lipstick or use too many styling merchandise.” (Because boy, did that new spike ever need some styling merchandise.)

There was even a interval of three solid years after i wore a pony tail every single day. I couldn’t bear to deal with my hair every morning, so I slicked it back out of my face and pretended to just like the look. And though the tight pony tail kept me looking youthful (as it pulled the pores and skin on my face taut), I’ve worked exhausting to increase my hairdo horizons.

No matter how to clip hair extensions my ‘do, this unruly head of hair required some critical styling products. In my youthful years, I settled for products that had been full of synthetic, chemical-filled materials, which solely contributed to my hair and scalp issues.

The new commonplace is a great, simple, homemade hair tamer.

So for these of you want me – sporting an untamable lion’s mane – but looking for a natural styling product…drumroll please

Homemade Natural Styling Gel
This homemade styling gel contains no harsh, drying chemicals or synthetic materials.

¼ teaspoon unflavored gelatin (where to purchase unflavored gelatin)
½ cup scorching distilled or filtered water (the place to purchase the perfect water filtration techniques)
4-6 drops essential oils (the place to purchase 100% pure important oils)

Heat water and mix together with gelatin in a small bowl. Stir nicely to mix and refrigerate for about three hours, or till set. Once cooled and set, add important oils if desired, and stir to mix. Using a funnel, switch to a small squeeze bottle for best dispensing. Keep styling gel refrigerated between uses. Gel will keep for about 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Use this homemade product on wet or dry hair and magnificence as standard. I have had nice results with both.

Here’s a picture of my hair with the homemade pure gel.
See that mop of hair

My want for a styling product that enhances my pure texture has lastly been fulfilled!
Better of all, these should not crunchy, stiff curls you’re seeing. My hair is left soft, shiny, and flexible with this pure styling gel that washes out simply, by no means leaving residue.

For those who desire a thicker, stronger holding gel, use more gelatin.
**Update: If you’re on the lookout for a vegan/vegetarian different to gelatin, agar powder (also referred to as agar-agar) will be purchased here. I haven’t tried it, however read that it dries pretty clear and a little less is needed in recipes in comparison with common gelatin.

**Searching for a gelatin substitute that’s more readily obtainable Check out this video tutorial for making pure gel from flax seeds.

Different Herbal Options
Need to get fancy together with your homemade styling gel and customise it on your hair type Listed here are some solutions for using dried herbs or important oils to create your good components:

Lavender: Essentially the most versatile oil for hair care, lavender is good for all hair sorts. Result in 1 cup water to a boil. Steep 1-2 tablespoons of dried lavender flowers in your water for about 15 minutes, strain, and measure out ½ cup of the recent water on your recipe. Or for an easier method, use the original gel recipe and add lavender essential oil. (where to purchase lavender flowers)

Chamomile: Nice for mild hair, chamomile will add shine and enhance pure highlights. (Since chamomile can have a lightening effect over time, it’s not really helpful for darkish hair.) Chamomile can also enhance the texture of hair that is dry and brittle. Brew a robust cup of chamomile tea, and measure out ½ cup to use as the liquid in your recipe. (the place to purchase chamomile tea) Alternately, chamomile essential oil might also be used.

Rosemary: An excellent alternative for dry hair. This herb will keep darkish hair glossy. It has been used historically to assist stimulate hair development, and has antioxidant properties that aid in protection towards cell damage. Use rosemary important oil or steep dried rosemary leaves in hot water for 15 minutes, strain, and use in your gel recipe. (the place to purchase rosemary leaves)

Horsetail: This herb can improve the condition of your hair as a result of its mineral content material. It accommodates the mineral silica, which strengthens hair and adds shine. Steep 2 tablespoons dried horsetail herb in 1 cup scorching water, pressure, and measure out enough for your gel recipe. (where to purchase horsetail)

Enjoy the advantages of the above herbs or simply choose an essential oil that is pleasing to your senses! I encourage you to do more of your personal analysis to search out different herbs that are helpful for hair.

You possibly can purchase pure important oils at your native health meals store. You too can discover nice high quality important oils online at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Note: Important oils are extremely concentrated pure plant extracts that can profit the situation of pores and skin, hair, and physique. Always use caution when handling these highly effective oils, and label all products well that comprise important oils. Consult your health care provider earlier than utilizing if you’re pregnant or nursing, and use half the recommended quantity of oils if making a product for youngsters.

Need pure, but don’t want to make your own
For those who don’t have the time or desire to make your own (or DIY hair products simply aren’t understanding for you), you’ll be completely satisfied to know DIY Natural has lastly discovered a hair care firm they can get behind. We’ve used (and completely LOVE) the hair gel from this firm, and we highly advocate checking it out.

**Replace with reader suggestions and images**
After the preliminary publishing of this article, DIY Pure neighborhood member Toni had some reservations about utilizing the gel on her silver hair. She wrote again after attempting the homemade gel to share her feedback and present some comparison footage. Check it out!

“I was involved that it might depart my silver hair dull or discolored, as occurred with many products I’ve tried. But I love this hair gel and want to submit a comment to that impact on the weblog. However, pictures converse a lot louder than my words may!”

Wonderful results Toni! Thanks for taking the time to share with all our readers!

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