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No-Mess Natural Lice Therapy Using No Chemicals Or Oils!

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No-Mess Pure Lice Treatment Using No Chemicals or Oils!
Updated on November 9, 2017 The Little Shaman moreI am a bodywork healer, counselor, clinical hypnotherapist, and Reiki master. I imagine in pure healing and holistic practices.

Contact Writer Nothing is worse than head lice. They itch, they crawl, they’re gross.. If you have a big family, the worth of taking good care of this drawback may be extremely daunting. Not only are chemical treatments expensive, dangerous and unpleasant, they typically don’t work the primary time. Typically they do not work in any respect. We’re going to show you a idiot-proof way to get rid of lice – all lice – in a single shot utilizing something you in all probability already have in your house.

What You Want:
a hairdryer

time to do it
That is it! A hair dryer with attachments is best, but any kind will work. If it has a ‘low heat’ setting, use that.

Part off the hair to make it simpler to make sure you’ve gotten all of it. Goal the hair dryer at each part of hair near the scalp, holding it about 4-6 inches away. Watch out! Hair dryers can get scorching! Take a shower or wash hair after treatment to get all of the yucky bugs out of it. You possibly can blow dry once more after washing if you like.

This treatment not only kills adult lice but will kill nits and eggs if completed correctly.
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