It T-shirts Taking Over The StreetStyle In 2017

Men's Print Fire Fox II. Everything wrong Short Sleeve Tops TeesWhat happens when comfort takes over fashion? The BASICS come back in ACTION! It time to bid adieu to glitz, patterns, bold colours and extravagant prints, and say hi to fabulous simple.

From superhero t-shirts to band tees and those with quirky slogans along with pop characters, Celebrities and Fashion Bloggers all over the world are going all subtle in their street style paparazzi and we’e liking every bit of this change – giving a brand new definition to glam!

Fashion influencers are profoundly flaunting their understated outfits, especially with their love for staple graphic tees in all the basic shades that you can perhaps count on your fingers. We are thinking whites, blues, blacks and greys.

While we are at it, a lot of you might think that a basic graphic tee and a pair of jeans doesn’s quite feel like an outfit, definitely not something for events that call for making a style statement. So how to best amp up the overall effect?! Well, look at the cohesive street style trend being donned by the know-hows of the fashion industry – sporting casual styles to crispy chic look and even understated sophisticated look.

1. Go Sassy, Go Grunge

While the typical Grunge is incomplete without a layer of Flannel, you can always add your own twist to it with a Graphic tee that truly represents your love for your favourite punk band. Think Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Beatles, Green Day and dress like a Grunger. Don’s forget to throw a statement bag to complete your look.

2. Tuck It In

Make your style street style worthy by tucking your tee into a skirt – experiment with any length that suits you – ranging from mini to midi to a long flowing one. We e seen this waist defining outfit idea at NYFW runways this year and it is going to get bigger! Dress up the relaxed wonder woman look with strappy heels, and a sling bag. We see, you’e all set for a well-dressed date.

3. Corporate Lady Appropriate

Corporate look with a graphic tee? You’ probably think you are too old for graphic tees, or it won’s be apt to be worn for work, but the beauty of these tees is that you can never let m go. So instead of having them sitting at the back of the closet, how about using your favourite tees to add some jazz to everyday dull workwear? Work out the graphic tee trend in to office wardrobe by teaming it up with subtle blazers and cropped pants. You’ be surprised to see how much attention this could attract!

P.S: Do not wear anything that gets you called into HR :-p

4. Rock the Chic

Dressing up chic is all about being fashionable without compromising on the comfort. Make your weekend story stunning, casual and dynamic with an oversized graphic t-shirt dress. Teamed up with stockings, boots and a denim jacket, this one sounds just about right for Spring, what do 檡a think?

5. Remember your Childhood

Cartoon tees are not just for school girls, big girls also know how to rock the grown up look with Mickey & Friends clothing. Revive your childhood days by teaming up a simple cartoon character tee with a pair of vibrant shorts – solid or striped, matched with equally decadent backpack and flats. What could be cuter?

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So what holding you back from flaunting that stack of graphic tees? No matter what you plan to wear on a particular occasion, a plain graphic tee can satisfy all your fashion looks! Viva-la Graphic Tees!


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