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My Bumpy Center Aged Lengthy Hair Journey

I believe everybody who’s working toward a tangible aim wonders what it’ll feel like when it is reached. I certainly think about it once in a while. I know that some individuals suppose that in some way their life will change when there hair is such and such a size, and of course, that doesn’t occur. It’s like pondering that in the event you get that new perfume, life will somehow change. It’s just an illusion.

My sensible aim is waist length and my dream size is tail bone, about six inches longer than that. I ponder if I’ll really feel perming curly hair good about reaching my aim and be capable of see that it actually is so long as it is.

I so often see folks attain a objective and still feel that their hair is brief. Sometimes our view will get skewed, and we do not see our hair the way in which others do. I can not inform you the way typically I’ve seen individuals attain a aim at the LHC and yet feel dissatisfied. Much more interesting is that generally I see people attain their objectives and immediately reduce their hair off to above shoulder size. I do not perceive that, and normally the people who do it do not clarify why.

I would love to grasp that phenomenon. Is it a case of just desirous to see if one can do it and then once it is carried out, it’s all over

I hope that once i reach waist length, where I’m fairly certain I’ll maintain until my “breakage layer” is gone, that I nonetheless feel excited by my hair. I hope that even if and after i reach my dream goal, I’ll keep going by constantly trying to keep up my hair’s well being and hopefully keep bettering the hemline. There’ll always be new hairstyles to attempt and i can problem myself that way.

The way in which I look at it now, there isn’t a real ultimate goal; I’m sure that I could make new targets of improvement, if not of length, indefinitely.

I actually don’t need to be one of the individuals who will get where I need to go, solely to find that I have grown disenchanted with my hair after spending so much time getting there.

On one other notice, thank you to everybody who wished me properly yesterday. I wish I might let you know that I really feel better right this moment, but I don’t. I actually wish to feel better for the weekend and the coming week, particularly with my husband being on holidays.

Nicely, I have one or two small tasks to do now, and then I shall loosen up for the rest of the day, once more in hopes of transcending this migraine siege.

‘Til tomorrow. Much like to all.

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