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Gig Bag Vs. Laborious Case For Guitar: Which Is better?

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Gig Bag vs. Exhausting Case for Guitar: Which is best?
Up to date on November 25, tennis t shirts designs 2017 Guitar Gopher moreGuitar Gopher is a guitarist and bassist with over 30 years of expertise as a musician.

Women's Print Kawaii Sun Short Sleeve  Tops TeesGig Bag or Onerous Case?
Your shiny new guitar won’t keep shiny for lengthy for those who don’t protect it. You need some sort of case to lug it around, and to retailer it in when it’s not in use. A good case not solely saves it from harm, but helps you retain the whole lot that belongs with the guitar organized in one place.

There are a number of totally different choices on the market, and in case you are questioning whether or not a gig bag or a hardshell case is the best choice this article will assist clear issues up. Nevertheless, that is a kind of questions the place the fitting answer relies upon on your scenario.

In this article we’ll check out the benefits of each the gig bag and laborious case and the place they’re finest used. From there, you ought to get an excellent image of which is right for you.

In truth, some guitar players like to have one of every for his or her guitars: A hardshell case for lengthy-term storage and transport, and a gig bag for shorter journeys the place they’re moderately certain nothing unhealthy is going to occur.

It’s up to you to make the fitting choice to protect your beloved guitar! Listed here are some issues to consider:

Benefits of a Gig Bag
I have most of my guitars and basses in gig baggage nowadays. They’re stacked neatly and safely in a closet when not in use. Barring a natural catastrophe the place the entire house topples, there isn’t a way anything dangerous is going to occur to them.

I made the selection to switch to gig bags for a number of causes. First, and most significantly, they provide the simplest manner to guard my devices, because my guitars are by no means put in a scenario the place they are often jarred about or banged up anymore. They sit within the closet peacefully, and a great padded gig bag offers all of the protection they want to prevent scratching and dings.

The second necessary advantage of a gig bag is saving house. If all of my guitars had been in instances they might take up all the closet instead of 1 part of it. They could be heavy, and sorting by means of them to find the guitar I want can be an enormous trouble.

When you select a gig bag there are two main benefits: You’ve got a light swimsuit of armor on your guitar to prevent damage, and you’ve got the benefit of a lightweight, area-saving bundle.

If you are the type of guitar player who not often takes their instrument out of the house, or, once you do, you understand you’ll be storing and transporting it in a secure manner, a gig bag is ideal to your needs. For example, guitar gamers in small bands who load their own gear and might ensure that their guitars are safely stowed might choose the ease of a gig bag over a tough case.

When you do choose a gig bag, do not go along with a cheap mannequin. Cheap gig luggage usually present little extra protection than hanging a t-shirt over your guitar. Get a great one with thick padding. Another added benefit is that gig luggage usually have more storage space to your strap, picks, tools or no matter, so look ahead to some smart choices there as well.

I’ve used Fender gig baggage for an extended whereas. All of my Strats are in Fender bags, plus my Talon. I’ve had the bass version as effectively and it was just as good as the guitar model. The type has modified a bit from yr to yr and the present version has a couple of upgrades I actually like, such because the rubberized bumpers on the underside.

Nonetheless, my Les Paul just isn’t in a gig bag. I wanted slightly more safety, but I also wished something light weight. A comfortable case was the right resolution.

Comfortable Cases
Some gig luggage walk the road between a gig bag and exhausting case. Sometimes referred to as soft cases, they have the inflexible protection of a hardshell, with the arduous outer layer changed with the fabric material of a gig bag.

These instances are lighter than a standard arduous case, and supply far more safety than a typical gig bag. If you’re on the fence between a gig bag and a hard case, this may be the best option for you.

For instance: After i bought my new Les Paul last yr it came with a very nice Gibson gig bag. However, I wasn’t fairly comfy with it, as a result of not like a Strat the Les Paul headstock has a tilt to it. I figured if the bag ever fell backward the shock alone may be enough to snap the headstock. What a nightmare!

I opted to go with an SKB Mushy Case. It is lighter and less bulky than a tough case, and I do know it would take much more abuse than a gig bag. The inside is nice and plush like a hardshell case and my Les Paul fits perfectly. SKB is a brand I’ve used in the past for guitar and rack circumstances, and that i’ve all the time been very proud of them.

When a hard Case is better
A gig bag just isn’t all the time an excellent replacement for a tough case. It is a special case for various circumstances, and there are undoubtedly some situations the place a hard case is most well-liked. Again after i played in bands and wanted to transport my gear in the backs of vans and trucks packed with 4×12 cabinets and PA gear, I chose hardshell circumstances for my guitars.

Although we were careful to stow the instruments in a manner that they wouldn’t be damaged, there isn’t any approach I might have put my guitars in that situation in gig bags. Accidents occur, and a shifting PA cabinet means curtains to your guitar or bass.

If you are enjoying in a band where you understand your guitar has the chance of getting knocked around in transport, you need a quality exhausting case. There aren’t any two methods about it. When you intend to fly along with your guitar you might even wish to invest in a case made for airline use. They are expensive, but if your guitar is expensive too it may be price it.

If you know you are going to need the extra protection in your guitar tennis t shirts designs or bass, don’t skimp and go along with a gig bag. Gig bags are useful, but they don’t provide nearly as a lot protection as a hard case.

Frankly, any expensive guitar is worthy of a hard case even if kept at dwelling. You don’t need your Gibson Les Paul Customized stashed in a gig bag. The peace of mind that comes with further protection is price it.

You might want to have each for your guitar. Some gamers keep their guitars in hard circumstances and have gig luggage available for when they’re needed. For example, in case you are headed to a friend’s home for jamming and you understand your guitar shall be protected, you could prefer to hold it in a gig bag.

Which Case to choose?
I hope this recommendation helps you get a better concept of whether a gig bag or hardshell case is correct for your guitar. The needs of passion gamers are totally different from the needs of busy gigging musicians, and an expensive guitar might warrant extra protection than a mid-level guitar.

Your takeaways are:

A gig bag is a good way to save area and protect a guitar from scratches and dings.

Gig bags are good in situations where you understand your guitar shall be fairly secure.

Select a tough case for those who repeatedly put your guitar in situations where it could be bumped or jostled about.

Invest in a tough case for expensive guitars.

A soft case is an effective lightweight various to a hard case.

Should you intend to fly along with your guitar, it isn’t a bad thought to spend money on an applicable case.
The most important factor is to ensure your guitar is protected for no matter situation it finds itself in. Good luck, have fun and keep your guitar secure!

Gig Bag or Onerous Case?
Which can you choose to store and transport your guitar?

Gig Bag

Arduous Case

Gig Bag and Hard Case

Gentle Case

Potato Sack
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sendingAuthorGuitar Gopher 19 months in the past

Thanks Stella! I suppose it takes kids a while to be taught correct dealing with of their new guitars. I all the time say a guitar ought to solely be in one among three places: your arms, its stand or its case.

stella vadakin 19 months ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

Hi, I believe it depends if I want to place the guitar in a gig bag or laborious cases. If it is a baby taking lessons they are going to need a hard shell case. I have see too many damaged guitars. Great HUB, Stella