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A Spiritual Journey From Malpractice To Peace And Contentment

In an interview with Maurice Broadus, Jim Stovall, best-selling author of The “Ultimate Reward”, said, “it takes a life-altering event to move from religion to relationship.” Mr. Stovall additional elaborated that “one’s faith has to go from a concept that you’re taking down and polish off on Sunday mornings to something actual which you could stay with.” In the case of Cynthia Paddock Doroghazi, suffering through a traumatic brain damage (TBI) was the life altering occasion that ultimately moved her from religion to relationship.

Discount Cotton Casual Uncle Billy Children's T-shirtCynthia was in her second semester as a candidate for a master’s diploma on the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced Worldwide Research (SAIS) in Washington, D. C. when symptoms of hydrocephalus, extra generally referred to as water on the brain, intruded into her each day routine. The process used to correct this condition is taken into account routine within the realm of brain surgery as the affected person is in and out of the hospital in four days, with a restoration interval of about two weeks.

God apparently had different plans for Cynthia. After the operation, Cynthia was transferred from the restoration room to the Neurological Concentrated Care Unit. While there, Cynthia started to hemorrhage. The bleed started to compress her brain, chopping off the stream of oxygen.

By the time the nurse in command of Cynthia’s care perceived the gravity of Cynthia’s deteriorating situation and notified the resident on name, Cynthia was experiencing respiratory failure. Cynthia was twenty minutes away from dying earlier than the nurse called the resident on responsibility.

Upon examining Cynthia, the resident known as a code blue, and she was rushed again into surgery, where a procedure to chop away a part of her skull to evacuate the blood was performed. Cynthia slid into a coma, transferring in and out of a semi-vegetative state for the following three months. On the time of her transfer from her hospital in Washington, D.C. to Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia, Cynthia was paralyzed on the left facet of her body, with the IQ of a vegetable, in diapers, being fed by means of a tube, able to remember little or no and facing the prospect of having to relearn what a child learns in the primary years of life.

The events surrounding that tragic day, Might 7, 1990, in the end set Cynthia on a journey to find who she was and for what function she was on this earth. In brief, it brought a couple of spiritual awakening. Cynthia recounts this amazing journey in her just lately revealed ebook,” goal=”_new.

When individuals expertise any kind of misfortune, devastating illness, or loss, it is not unusual for them to end up bitter and offended. Cynthia, too, continued to be bitter and angry for years. Then, one Sunday, a few year after her release from Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, Cynthia attended a church in San Antonio, Texas the place the pastor delivered a sermon about a shepherd and one sheep that was at all times running off into the woods, getting lost or in any other case stepping into mischief. After several failed makes an attempt at discipline, the shepherd finally broke the sheep’s legs after which carried him on his again till the sheep’s legs healed. From that moment forward, the sheep by no means strayed removed from his master’s side. That sermon actually spoke to Cynthia, as a result of, in lots of respects, the story of that sheep was, from Cynthia’s standpoint, her story.

Hearing that parable was the beginning of Cynthia’s spiritual awakening, a course of that has taken greater than fifteen years of her life. This spiritual awakening did not happen in a single day. Upon returning to Washington, D.C. in 1992, Cynthia started going to church, extra as a social outlet than to commune with God. Nevertheless, Cynthia’s emotions started to vary with each Sunday visit to church. The pastor on the church continuously preached the “Good news,” the Gospel, and the fact that, for example of the ultimate sacrifice and an instance of all that a mum or dad will do to avoid wasting his child, God sent his solely son to reside on this earth as a human and to in the end die for the sins of the whole world in order that we mortals might be reconciled endlessly to Him.

“Who was this God?” Cynthia asked. “Who was this God, who was so loving and self-sacrificing that he would do this? Was this the same God, she requested, “who had left me paralyzed and in a coma and pressured me to abandon my chosen career path? What kind of God was this that will force me to dwell with a traumatic mind injury (TBI)?”

Accepting she could by no means answer these questions, Cynthia decided to make some sense of her own state of affairs. So, she started to seek for the which means of her existence in an attempt to find why she was actually saved from death. Did this God that she was listening to a lot about have a plan for her life as the Old Testament of the Bible says in Jeremiah, Chapter 29, verse 11? “For I know the plans I’ve for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to the mask shirt prosper you and to not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” If that’s the case, what was it?

In embarking upon this search, Cynthia tried to answer the questions: “How can an individual enter the hospital for what is imagined to be a routine operation and end up paralyzed on the left aspect of her physique, in a coma, unable to stroll or speak, being fed by a tube, with the I.Q. of a vegetable?” And, “How is it that same individual, whom docs predicted could be in an institution for the rest of her life and unable to continue along her chosen profession path, survive the percentages and stay to struggle another day?” How certainly?

Cynthia discovered inspiration from a scene from the movie, The Sound of Music. On this scene, The Mom Superior calls Maria earlier than her to ask why she has run away from the Von Trapp household family and is seeking refuge within the convent from which she had come. The viewer in the end discovers that Maria has fallen in love with Captain Von Trapp and, out of concern of the unknown and since she had no experience in methods to deal with such a scenario, she fled. The Mom Superior says to Maria, “When God shuts a door. He nearly all the time opens a window.”

For Cynthia, the Mother Superior’s statement has transcended her life. Occasions in Cynthia’s past display how that statement very clearly applies to her life. As she examined the varied turning points in her life: her final selection of careers, her choice to depart New York and enter graduate school in Washington, D.C., the process by which she ended up at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, even the events surrounding meeting her future husband, Cynthia started to see the chance that there was a larger drive within the universe at work, a greater Being who had a plan for her life and was continually shaping events, leading her down a path to an final, however as yet unknowable, goal, another “open door” as Cynthia characterizes it. In the long run, Cynthia has come to believe that these turning points weren’t only a series of coincidences. Cynthia believes that these turning factors have been all part of a divine plan to position her the place she needed to be to obtain the help she wanted to get better from her traumatic mind harm (TBI). Cynthia’s spiritual journey has taken her from a degree of despair to a spot where she enjoys true peace and contentment. Doroghazi

Concerning the Author Cynthia Paddock Doroghazi was on her strategy to what she thought would be a flourishing career as a specialist in Russian-space research when she suffered a traumatic brain damage that left her paralyzed on her left facet and in a coma. The injury changed the course of her life. Now not in a position to pursue her meant profession in Russian Research as a Russian area specialist or diplomat, Cynthia started to pursue other talents and found that she had a expertise for writing and public speaking. Her plan is to make use of these skills to change into a motivational speaker on behalf of people with disabilities. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cynthia lived for fourteen years in Washington, D. C. before moving to Ft. Lauderdale, FL where she at the moment resides. She is married to Stephen Doroghazi, a blind lawyer, who himself has overcome obstacles in pursuit of success. Together they’ve formed a publishing firm, which donates up to twenty % of e-book sale proceeds to various charities that support the disabled. You may be taught extra about Cynthia, her husband and their publishing company, by visiting