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My Bumpy Center Aged Lengthy Hair Journey

Thank you everyone for your comments to yesterday’s posts. It is clear that many of us see or have felt the peer pressure of the die-hards at the lengthy hair forums. All of us who have or wish to have lengthy, healthy hair need to educate ourselves on the dangers of various methods or therapies, or we is perhaps the place I used to be earlier than I joined LHC. Before LHC, I was blow-drying, heat styling and colouring, and that i at all times had to cut my hair as soon as it got beneath APL, as a result of it will simply be too skinny and damaged, and often I had quite a lot of cut up ends.

So do not get me flawed, I was not complaining in wavy sew in hair regards to the Lengthy Hair Community. I really like the place. They’ve given me a lot recommendation and support. Generally although, a vocal few make it appear as though there is only one “right approach” and for a new member, it may be exhausting to see past that. I feel a few of that stems from the truth that individuals who make the less in style selections are quiet about it.

I just imagine that when we’re educated, we have to resolve for ourselves what is going to be best for us. In my case, I do know I am sacrificing what might be a longer ultimate size by colouring my hair. However, because of LHC knowledge, I make different wholesome decisions that keep my coloured hair the very best it may be.

Ideally, that is what a assist forum must be; a place to get the knowledge we’d like, however to have the ability to then make our own decisions as soon as we have the knowledge and nonetheless feel supported.

Effectively, I suppose that if I were to get a perm on top of my hair color wavy sew in hair and then use a curling iron daily, I’d get little assist, but when I had been doing all of these issues, I must know that I wouldn’t be having wholesome long hair. I do not even know if I would have healthy chin length hair if I did all these issues.

Just when I was feeling a bit annoyed yesterday by a yet another new member feeling apologetic over a hair selection, again pondering that there was just one technique to grow lengthy hair, I used to be frustrated once again by the media.

Yesterday on the Immediately show, there was a subject about long hair on older girls. It was inspired by the article from the new York Times that I cited last week. The author of that article was on the section in addition to a “hairdresser to the stars”, interviewed by Meredith Vieira.

I don’t ordinarily watch that show, however I did get a link from LHC and watched the section.
It was a 2-part piece, first with a two-minute packaged report that was all about older ladies sporting longer hair as of late. The rest of the section was a live discussion hosted by Meredith Viera. One of many company was the writer of the brand new York times article, who’s 56 with lengthy salt and pepper hair. The opposite guest was a hairstylist who agrees that times are changing and older women often look good with longer hair.

It was meant to be a constructive piece about long hair on older girls. I think. No less than it began that approach. The woman from the Instances talked about her experiences and her conviction to sporting long hair. The hairstylist noted that many women have a softer look when their hair is longer.

Nevertheless, things started to alter. The hairstylist made it clear that by lengthy hair, she meant hair that’s no longer than collarbone size. She additionally made it clear that some form of face framing layers are a must for older girls. Lastly, she said that grey hair and lengthy hair do not go together. In actual fact I feel she was in opposition to gray hair at all, to be honest.

There was additionally a really robust hint that as a way to wear even the “acceptable” length of long hair for older women, we should be physically match and not overweight. Well, at the moment I’m about 20 pounds overweight, which I’m not comfortable about, and if I cut off my hair and went for a brief lower, I’d actually be feeling unhealthy about myself.

So in short, in accordance with this professional, girls who need lengthy hair in center age can have lengthy hair, however provided that we fulfill certain situations.

You possibly can see the At present present segment right here, so long as it’s nonetheless up and working.

I used to be so delighted by that article final week, but not so delighted by that Tv section. Is there ever going to be a day when an expert will come out and say that girls ought to simply wear our hair in the best way that makes us really feel lovely Is there ever going to be a day when society simply accepts and respects particular person type I don’t know, but when I ever hear tell of it, I’ll let you understand.

‘Til tomorrow, my mates. A lot love to all.

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